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Alcoholics Anonymous, Portable Version


The Story of How Many Thousands of Men and Women Have Recovered from Alcoholism (also known as the BIG BOOK) describes how to recover from alcoholism. The author is a founder of Alcoholics Anonymous (AA), Bill W. & Dr. Bob. It is the originator of the seminal "twelve-step method" widely used to attempt to treat many addictions, from alcoholism and heroin addiction to marijuana addiction, as well as overeating, sex addiction, gambling addiction, and family members of alcoholics, with a strong spiritual and social emphasis.


Author: Bill Wilson and Dr. Bob Smith.

Published by: Alcoholics Anonymous World Services


- 100% of all proceeds go towards our fundraising efforts for the conference!

- Paperback

- 575 pages




"Written many years ago and still relevant for todays alcoholic. I felt the book was telling my story and many times I was struck by the economy and perfection of the prose. i.e. 'a vision for you.' In my opinion this is very much an inspired novel that speaks directly to the alcoholic and offers a proven method of recovery and life seemingly beyond the reach of the active alcoholic....Indispensable information for the suffering alcoholics looking for recovery.”


Jerry Xenos

Big Book, Portable Edition

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